Dans Ton Cul - LaHP vs Electroziq - Anus 01 (Vinyl)

Anus 01; Anus 01 LaHP VS Electroziq. TRACKLISTING: Dans ton cul - Massanus; Sang papier - dje Paysou ; D-Concert-tant - Paranoise; Paris Kamtar - Philoops; Choisis un vinyl cadeau parmi une selection lors de la validation de commande. A partir de € d'achat de vinyls.

Anus 01 review. Out of the anal joke here stands a nice Hardtribe kicker. Featuring some good tunes with degeridoo and Happy-samples, and an Electro techno breaky little song.

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Love Me Tender - Engelbert Humperdinck - Especially For You (Vinyl, LP) Petra Hei (Akustinen) - The Tarjas / Elina Wallin - The Tarjas / Elina Wallin (Vinyl) In Medias Res - Kallaikoi - Cold Awakening (CD, Album)

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