The Minister

2 a: one officiating or assisting the officiant in church worship. b: a clergyman or clergywoman especially of a Protestant communion. 3 a: the superior (see superior entry 2 sense 1) of one of several religious orders. — called also minister-general. b: the assistant to the rector or the bursar of a Jesuit house.

Minister definition is - agent. How to use minister in a sentence. History and Etymology for minister. Noun. Middle English ministre "servant, ecclesiastic, priest, official serving a superior, agent," borrowed from Anglo-French & Medieval Latin; Anglo-French, borrowed from Medieval Latin minister "servant, ecclesiastic (short for Deī minister "servant of god"), agent, official," going back.

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The Minister for Transport, Bertrand Saint-Jean, is woken in the middle of the night by his personal private secretary. A bus has crashed into a ravine. He goes there, he has no choice. Thus begins the odyssey of a State official through an increasingly complex and hostile world. Speed, power struggles, chaos, economic crisis.

Define minister. minister synonyms, minister pronunciation, minister translation, English dictionary definition of minister. n. 1. a. One who is authorized to perform religious functions in a Christian church, especially a Protestant church. b. Roman Catholic Church The superior.

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  •  · The Minister: Directed by Pierre Schoeller. With Olivier Gourmet, Michel Blanc, Zabou Breitman, Laurent Stocker. Transport Minister Bertrand Saint-Jean is awoken in the middle of the night by his head of staff. A bus has gone off the road into a gully. He 9/10(K).

  • clergyman, man of the cloth, reverend. a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church. noun. the job of a head of a government department. see more. see less. types: cabinet minister. the job of a senior minister who is a member of the cabinet.

  •  · The Minister - Episode 6 The Minister. View Transcript. The parliament discusses the option of adopting the Euro. Benedikt however, is obsessed with reworking a medieval music transcript into a musical. In his first brush of psychosis, he declares that Iceland will adopt the Euro unilaterally. Hrefna realizes that something might be wrong with.

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