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Ǫlrún. This article about Olrun is a stub. You can help Myths and Folklore Wiki by expanding it. Ǫlrún (Old Norse: Ǫlrún, Old High German: Ailrun, Modern German: Alruna, Alraune) is one of the Valkyries in Norse mythology. She is identified as the daughter of Kiár of Valland, or as the wife of Egill.

Alruna (Old Norse Ölrún, Old High German Ailrun, Modern German Alruna, Alraune) is a Germanic female personal name, from Proto Germanic *aliruna (or possibly *agilruna), which is formed from runa "secret, rune" and a debated prefix that may be ali-, agil-, or alu In German, Alruna was also used as a short form of Adelruna, a different name with a first element *athal-"noble".Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

Valland. In Norse legend, Valland is the name of the part of Europe which is inhabited by Celtic and Romance peoples. The element Val- is derived from * Walhaz, a Proto-Germanic word whose descendants were used in various Germanic languages to refer to .

Translation of 'Svanrand' by Heilung from Icelandic to English. This is a list of names according to Heilung. It's transcribed from their lyrics, but it's unclear to me as a non-speaker where in this Old Icelandic text "th" should be replaced with "þ", or if "ð" should be used anywhere.

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  •  · Ölrún. A valkyrie and a swan-maiden, the daughter of Kjárr of Valland. She was a companion of Hlaðguðr svanhvít and Hervör alvitr, the daughters of king Hlödvé morning, as they were spinning flax on the shore of a lake, they were encountered by the brothers Slagfiðr, Egil, and Vö brothers brought the maidens to their dwelling, where Egil took Ölrún to wife.

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