Blissfully Ignorant

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Blissful ignorance definition: unawareness or inexperience of something unpleasant | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

This page is about the collocation blissfully ignorant. collocation pattern: adverb + adjective. Meaning. unaware of something that might sadden or disturb you if you knew about it. For example. We sat on the beach, blissfully ignorant of the tsunami racing towards us.

The stereotype is an elderly, fogeyish male, blissfully ignorant of the everyday concerns of people who appear before him. But prepare for disillusionment, too, for these artists were blissfully ignorant of more than just the watery liberalism we now cringingly sip like gelid, day-old decaf.

To say we are “blissfully ignorant” means we find joy in not knowing. To think we could be “blissfully ignorant” may be uncomfortable for us to consider. But we can see it on display all around us as people align themselves with others without knowing what they believe in or.

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  • Blissful ignorance definition is - a state of not knowing and not wanting to know about unhappy things or possible problems. How to use blissful ignorance in a sentence.

  • For those of you blissfully ignorant of all the above, but keen to make up for lost time, allow me to fill you in. Times,Sunday Times So the hospital's managers remain blissfully ignorant .

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